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Article Writing Service

Posting articles to your website is one of the top ways to boost your conversions. Our SEO article writing services feature unique, relevant content that get your page ranked on search engines and attracts new visitors. But more than that, a high-quality article will convince readers to invest in your products or services. But before you start writing and posting articles to your site, you should understand the key differences between blogs and articles. That way, you can decide which one suits your company better. In some cases, you may want to use both.

Our Article Writing Options

There are countless opportunities to share the written word with your audience online. That’s why our professional article writing service has numerous options to create and share great content :

Blog Articles

Your blog should have a steady stream of fresh content to keep your readers interested, engaged and coming back for reliable quality content. You will work with a dedicated blog writer who will get to know your brand’s voice & values, your industry’s most important topics and the best way to craft SEO content for your site that supports your content marketing initiatives.

Guest Posts

Your audience is online, but not always on your site. Meet them in the places they look for interesting content by publishing guest articles in industry-leading blogs, magazines and news sources. Guest blogging expands your reach, generates strong backlinks and increases your authority in your space by creating original content for a variety of online channels.

Website Content

Beyond blog articles, your website’s content should be strong enough to stand on its own. Your expert writer can craft descriptive, persuasive language for your product landing pages, empathetic, emotion-evoking language for your about and mission/values pages and direct, professional content for your leadership pages.

LinkedIn Articles

Branded content belongs in many places other than just your blog. LinkedIn articles give you the opportunity to show off your expertise and build your brand’s authority and thought leadership. Your article writer can ghost-write content for LinkedIn, giving you the chance to share industry news, insights, advice and opinions – all on the social platform designed for professionals.

Press Releases

Press releases are essential communication tools for brands, especially when an important change in the organization occurs, such as adding a new product, bringing in new leadership or announcing a merger or acquisition. Our writers create quality press releases, and our content distribution services can get it published on PRNewswire and other channels.

Micro Content

Article writing isn’t always long-form, highly detailed writing. Each copywriter on our expert editorial team is adept at writing a variety of content types, including micro content such as ad copy or product descriptions. Our social media management services also provide to-the-point, punchy yet professional posts that you can share on Twitter, Facebook and other platforms.

Should You Outsource Article Writing Services?

Outsourcing article writing services to a content marketing agency isn’t your only option, of course. Depending on available resources, you may be able to take that work in-house or assign it to a freelance writer. There are pros and cons to outsourcing this kind of work through an SEO article writing service, but the benefits far outweigh any potential concerns :


Dedicated professional writers who understand your audience, industry and brand.

Comprehensive topic and audience research ensures that each article resonates with your readers.

Strict quality control measures produce clean copy that accurately reflects your brand and your message.

A full-service content strategy that aligns every article with your marketing and commercial goals.

Agency writers have years of experience working in different industries, developing significant subject matter expertise.

Expert writers can lend their article rewriting services to mold existing site content into SEO-enriched works that draw more organic traffic and increase search ranking.

Full-service agencies provide services beyond copywriting, including design, video, social media, web development, marketing strategy and SEO consultation.

Content writing services are typically far less expensive than hiring an in-house editorial team.


In-house teams have the benefit of working closely with your internal stakeholders. That being said, we pride ourselves on our responsiveness. Our strategists, project managers and professional writers feel like an extension of your team.

In-house teams are already intimately familiar with your brand’s audience, messaging and style guidelines, but agency writers take the time to become brand experts in their own right.

Contracting freelancers may be a more affordable option. However, they may not have a firm grasp on your brand, your audience or your industry to consistently produce content that meets your standards.

In most cases, the benefits of working with a content marketing agency far outweigh building a dedicated internal team or handing assignments to unvetted freelancers. Brafton’s article writing services deliver more than just quality content. Everything we produce is in support of a broader content marketing strategy. Our teams routinely measure and analyze article performance, and continually refine content to draw more traffic, increase search visibility, produce qualified leads and, ultimately, generate more revenue. We’re helping our clients meet and exceed their commercial goals, one article at a time.

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